We are official suppliers for Powerflex bushing we can supply the the bush kits only or we can offer you a supply and fit service, The benefits to poly bushing is that the bushes and bush pins are mostly independent therefore do not seize for future adjustments and the lifetime warranty can reduce long term costs of replacing the bushes again i.e Ford rear trailing arm bushes, VAG  front suspension rear console bushes, We would recommend these bushes as a replacement to standard bushing due to there superior quality, Bushes that are not available in our stock can be ordered within a few working days, depending on stock at the Powerflex warehouse give our team a call for an enquiry into a product to suit your car.


We are also official suppliers for EBC Brakes for brake upgrades whether it is just for a standard road car or for high performance brakes for track cars or performance vehicles we can supply the brakes only or offer a supply and fit service.

EBC offer the Green stuff, Yellow stuff or Red stuff pads depending on your use or standard brake discs to grooved brake discs, please contact our team with any enquiries you may have or for pricing.