FREE Winter Check & Advice

It's that time of the year again, where the nights draw in and the temperature drops. But apart from wrapping-up warmly, there are few simple things you can do to make sure you keep moving and safe when driving in Winter. Freezing temps, salted roads and wintry weather can all gang up on your car, so Hunters offer a FREE Winter Check Service. Follow these simple winter maintenance tips to help keep your winter driving safe and trouble free:

winter visibility


  • * Check the level of your windscreen wiper fluid regularly and top up as required. If not using pre-mixed then make sure you dilute to correct strength or it may freeze in icy conditions
  • * Check the condition of your wiper blades including the rear if fitted
  • * Check your windscreen and mirror defrosters are working well
  • * Keep a can of defroster and suitable ice scraper handy for those frosty mornings
  • * Check to see that exterior and interior lights work and the headlamps are properly aimed
  • * If your car has an air conditioning system, make sure it is working properly to avoid your windows steaming up in cold, damp weather
  • * Remember - Never drive off until your vision is completely clear, (even if you are late for work)!



winter tyres and brakesTyres and Brakes

  • * Check your tyre tread depth and pressures
  • * Winter Tyres: While Winter or "snow tyres" are ideal for wet, icy and snowy conditions, they are not just for snow and ice and will suit the varied conditions of the typical Scottish Winter - Call us for more advice or a quote 01506 842540
  • * The braking system is your vehicle’s most important safety item., so make sure you have your brakes professionally checked, especially for winter driving conditions.





winter batteriesHeaters, Coolant and Battery

  • * Make sure your interior heaters are functioning properly to keep your car at a comfortable temperature
  • * Check your coolant/ antifreeze regularly. Your car should contain a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. * Make sure your level is full and the mixture is close to 50/50
  • * Cold weather is particularly hard on car batteries, so have your battery and charging system professionally checked for optimum performance.






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