Wheel alignment & Geometry

1690570015STEERING GEOMETRY – £80.00
We would recommend that most vehicles have a 4-wheel alignment carried out every two years.We use Beissbarth 1830F due to its accuracy and reliability. This systems uses targets on all four wheels to assess a vehicle’s alignment

These sensors give information on;
Camber, Caster and Toe for each front wheel
Camber and Tow for each rear whell
Total toe for front and rear
Steering angle

This will help with problems on premature tyre wear, damaged or worn suspension components, poor steering and handling.
When there is no adjustment on the rear of the vehicle this can highlight damage or worn components
We are currently offering this service for £80.00 on all makes and models.




If you find your vehicle significantly pulling to the left or right or your tyres are wearing abnormally, it would be adviseable to have your wheel alignment checked. This is a simple process which may require slight adjustment of the front
Suspension components. If your vehicle wheels are not properly aligned, this can cause abnormal wearing of the tyres.
Always have your wheel alignment checked when your vehicle has;
hit something ie kerb or pothole
you notice that your tyres are wearing abnormally or unevenly
you experience steering or handling problems
your steering wheel remains at an angle while you are driving in a straight line.

We are currently offering this service for £24.95 No Booking Required